As a couples therapist, you see it all the time: One partner who, regardless of whether they work outside the home, takes on most of the domestic responsibilities while their partner continuously falls short of their partner’s expectations.  

Unequal emotional, household, and childcare labor is a hot-button issue in relationships—after all, it’s rooted in resentment, anger, and tension—yet finding a lasting solution to this all-too-common experience is a challenge, especially if a primary underlying factor isn’t addressed: an imbalance in the mental load.  

Mental load refers to the unseen cognitive work that goes into managing a household and family: planning social activities, keeping track of finances, scheduling appointments, following up with teachers’ notes, updating the family calendar. When this load is imbalanced, it keeps couples in a never-ending cycle of distress, fueling depression, anxiety, anger, grief, and hopelessness.   

To help clients break the cycle, join Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and sought-after relationship expert, and Eve Rodsky, NYT bestselling author and creator of the innovative Fair Play method, as they discuss how to help clients tackle the mental load—that often invisible labor that permeates even the healthiest of relationships—and build a more intimately connected relationship with their partner.  

Developed uniquely for therapists, this FREE 2-hour training integrates therapeutic approaches with the principles of equitable division of domestic labor to help clients: 

  1. Determine the emotional impact of unequitable division of labor in a relationship.  

  1. Evaluate relational dynamics that both strengthen and interfere with the likelihood of establishing more equitable division of labor within a relationship.   

  1. Integrate the Fair Play method into couples therapy to improve insight, communication, and relationship satisfaction for clients.  


The Mental Load: What is it, and Why is it So Crucial to Address? 

The Fair Play Method: An Empowering Approach to Balancing the Load and Improving Relationships 

Clinical Application of Fair Play: Setting Clients up for Long-term Success 

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