The Perinatal Patient


Caught between worrying about how she feels and desperately working to portray the image of a good mother, a perfect mother, a mother who knows what she’s doing, the postpartum woman in distress is more likely to choose silence or minimization over disclosure.

She will allow her suffering – her dark mood, scary intrusive thoughts, intense anxiety, excessive monitoring of the baby, feelings of inadequacy, grief over lost independence, thoughts of harming herself or the baby, and even delusions and hallucinations – to fly under the radar in exchange for a calm and collected exterior. Even if she’s worried about how she feels. Even if she and her baby are in danger.

The Perinatal Patient seeks to change that. Co-written by world-renowned maternal mental health expert Karen Kleiman and her highly accomplished mentee at The Postpartum Stress Center, Hilary Waller, this book offers revolutionary, compassionate guidance into the nuanced assessment and treatment of mental health symptoms postpartum – a critical period that does not offer the luxury of time.

Filled with case studies, worksheets, and handouts for both patients and providers, this invaluable resource will help you: