No Racial Elephants in the Therapy Room

Do you avoid asking Black clients certain questions because you’re embarrassed about something you think you “should” know about “Black culture” or racism?

Are you hesitant to have conversations about race or racism with Black clients because you’re afraid you’ll look ignorant or unintentionally offend them?

Do you believe that if a Black client doesn’t mention race-related issues as a presenting concern, then it’s not worth bringing up at all?

The reality is that although many Black clients will not zero in on the impact of racism in their lives, ignoring the issue of race in therapy leaves a very large elephant in the room. And you can’t build rapport with elephants in the room. So what do you do?

In No Racial Elephants in the Therapy Room. Dr. Rheeda Walker, author of the bestselling The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health, provides the answers to this question. With her no-nonsense and unapologetic style, she provides useful language, tips, and guidance that will allow you to:

Mental health care isn’t designed with Black people in mind. If you truly want to meet African American clients where they are, you will have to confront the sometimes deafening, and surely distracting, elephant in the room.