The Couples Therapy Flip Chart

Help your clients move from relationship sabotage to relationship fulfillment.

Written by trusted relationship expert and renowned Gottman therapist Elizabeth Earnshaw (@lizlistens), The Couples Therapy Flip Chart is the interactive in-session tool you need to help couples work through stuck points that leave them feeling frustrated, resentful, and disconnected.

Divided into four sections: this flip chart will support your ability to help couples:

  1. Understand each other: Identify how each partner thinks and processes information to help them learn to accept and appreciate each other’s differences.
  2. Manage conflict: Teach couples how to avoid destructive communication patterns and how to engage in repair and de-escalation when ruptures do occur.
  3. Create a secure partnership: Lead couples in learning to manage their connection and partnership in relation to the outside world.
  4. Connect during daily life: Guide couples on how to fill their emotional bank account and distribute the mental load to create a thriving relationship.

Intended for in-session use, this flip chart features:

Buy it once, use it hundreds of times. This clinical tool is a must-have for your practice!