Trauma Treatment in ACTION

Effective therapy requires expanding the concept of trauma-informed care by putting it into ACTION. It requires being aware of the signs and symptoms of trauma that exist in your clients, even if your practice is not focused on mental health. Whether you’re a counselor, occupational therapist, rehab specialist, physical therapist, or social worker, recognizing and understanding how trauma exists in the body and mind is key to healing the whole person. 

That’s why this book is not just for mental health therapists but for allied helping professionals who span across a variety of disciplines. Trauma Treatment in ACTION delivers 85 worksheets, activities, and exercises for patients of all ages to help create growth and healing in a variety of settings.

Inside You’ll Find:
- Screening and assessment tools
- Trauma-informed interventions from early intervention to adulthood
- Grounding and breathwork activities 
- Sensory motor work
- Reflection questions and handouts for providers