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Digital Seminar

The Professional Burnout Course: Tools and Techniques for Improving the Mental Health of High-Functioning Professionals

Katherine Daly, PhD
Approx. 6 Hours
Jun 24, 2024
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Digital Seminar - Also available: Live Webinar

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From mental breakdowns to the terrifying increase in suicide risk – the dangers of burnout, especially in high-functioning professions, are real and tangible.

These are the go-getters, the movers and shakers, who’ve climbed their way to the top, but now they’re teetering on a dangerous ledge.

Sleep? A distant memory. Their spark? Dimming by the day. We’re talking zombiemode, feeling like their world is crumbling around them. This is no joke – burnout is skyrocketing to the #1 spot for time off requests.

This is not your typical anxiety/depression case, and it can be hard to know what to address first; do you start with their physical symptoms like exhaustion? Or do you tackle the mental hurdles of perfectionism, work as an addiction, and compassion fatigue?

Dr. Katherine Daly has spent almost a decade working with these types of professionals and put together this amazing training to give you the blueprint for reducing anxiety, stress, and burnout symptoms for your clients in high-demand professions.

You’ll get:

  • Burnout-specific skills for working through maladaptive perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and more!
  • Strategies for improving sleep, nutrition, and exercise
  • Treatment approaches like CBT, exposure therapy, and systematic desensitization
  • Homework exercises and case studies

Become the clinician who not only understands the pressure your clients are experiencing but has the tools to help them through that pressure as well!

Purchase this highly anticipated training today!


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Katherine Daly, PhD's Profile

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Dr. Katherine Daly has over a decade of experience as a licensed psychologist working in integrated health settings. She received her MA in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Florida. Her initial research and clinical focus were on attachment theory applied to chronic health populations and using psychology to reduce health disparities for community members with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Since 2014, she has worked at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine where she is the director of counseling & wellness services at their health sciences campus and associate professor of clinical sciences. At UCF, she has focused her clinical practice on the mental health needs of medical students and using psychology to improve wellness and reduce burnout, depression, and anxiety for this population. She has received national grants to promote her work in building resiliency and reducing mental health symptoms for healthcare professionals. As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Daly loves research and applying what she learns from research to inform best practices in her clinical work. The health promotion and wellness field is very popular and exciting right now as clients strive to find better work life balance. Dr. Daly has authored over 14 peer reviewed articles and presented over 30 posters and presentations at national conferences. She most recently served as one of the appointed representatives for the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) working group on wellbeing. Her clinical approach is informed by her training and experiences working with adults in integrated health settings and hospitals, especially medical students and healthcare professionals. She draws from cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, and existential theoretical frameworks in her clinical work.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Katherine Daly has an employment relationship with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. She received a grant from the Pabst Steinmetz Foundation. She receives a speaker honorarium from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Katherine Daly has no relevant non-financial relationships.

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  1. Identify common mental health risks in high-functioning professionals.
  2. Examine the theories of resilience, grit, and performance.
  3. Choose CBT and systematic desensitization techniques for high-functioning professionals.
  4. Determine mindfulness techniques to establish a mindful routine for highfunctioning professionals.
  5. Integrate health promotion strategies for symptom management and improved well-being in high-functioning individuals.
  6. Choose structuring approaches to better meet the unique needs of highfunctioning professionals.


Decoding Mental Health Challenges in High-Functioning Professionals

  • Mental health issues most prevalent in high-functioning professionals:
    • Alarming rise of stress-related symptoms
    • The increase in anxiety disorders, including OCD, OCPD, eating disorders, and substance use
    • The creeping epidemic of burnout

Empower Your Clinical Insight: Theories Behind Their Struggles

  • The nuances of maladaptive perfectionism and its role in client’s lives
  • Imposter syndrome: its pervasiveness and its impact
  • The fine line between passion and burnout
  • Compassion fatigue - when client’s caring goes a step too far
  • Discover how work can serve as both an addiction and an avoidance tactic
  • Tap into theories of resilience, grit, and performance

Best Practices for Effective Treatment

  • Structure your therapy sessions to be more accommodating to client’s tight schedules
  • Master treatment modalities tailored for anxiety disorders, including CBT and systematic desensitization
  • Mindfulness techniques for guiding clients to establish a transformative mindful routine
  • Strategies for boosting health: focus on sleep, nutrition, exercise, and holistic stress management
  • Support clients in drawing a clear boundary between their work and personal life
  • Design tailor-made “wellness prescriptions” suited to their fastpaced lives

Hands-On Tools & Techniques: From Theory to Practice

  • Engage with real-life case studies, translating theoretical knowledge into practical insights
  • The clinician’s toolkit:
    • Case studies
    • Homework assignments and experiential activities, (example wellness program), to further support your clients outside the therapy room

Target Audience

  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Case Managers
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Other Mental Health Professionals


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