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An EMDR Super Resourcing Strategy for Treating Attachment Trauma

Alison Teal, MFT
Approx. 6 Hours
Apr 05, 2024
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I’ve witnessed the power of EMDR in the treatment of trauma again and again. Yet, for all I’d seen it achieve, I wasn’t getting the same results for my clients who suffered from attachment wounding. Their symptoms such as an inability to experience essential trust or feelings of deep-seated abandonment continued to exist.

That’s why I began enhancing Phase Two of EMDR by integrating ego state and attachment-based interweaves into the processing.

The outcome? I found I could more successfully treat attachment wounds by attending to the part of the client who experienced trauma, rather than focusing on the trauma itself. Not only was the approach effective it opened the door to clients who couldn’t previously tolerate deep trauma work.

Watch this training and get step-by-step instructions for this EMDR resourcing strategy so you can take your EMDR therapy to the next level.

Complete with clinical applications and videos from actual client sessions, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create the experience of safety, protection and guidance so critical to good therapy
  • Reduce trauma symptoms without clients having to process trauma directly
  • Guide clients in creating their own corrective emotional environment consisting of installed resources and their accompanying positive sensations, emotions and cognitions

You’ll also receive a group guided session that will deepen your understanding of the material.

So many of our clients are dealing with the legacy of traumatic attachment injuries. Learning this resourcing strategy is an opportunity to make their treatment more successful.

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  1. Evaluate the historical evolution of EMDR’s Phase Two Resourcing.
  2. Employ an integrative approach to EMDR resourcing by incorporating ego state psychology and attachment theory.
  3. Utilize a four phase EMDR resourcing strategy for resolving attachment wounds without having to process trauma directly.
  4. Develop fully installed positive resources through EMDR’s Accelerated Information Processing (AIP) to promote ego strengthening and development of a new positive narrative.
  5. Employ five applications of EMDR resourcing to address different clinical presentations of attachment trauma.
  6. Utilize EMDR resourcing to lower the occurrence of resistance, dissociation, looping or stuck processing and open the door to a wider range of clients who struggle with trauma work.


Super Resourcing: Enhancement of Phase Two of EDMR
  • Review of the history of EMDR resourcing.
  • Review of Trauma, Attachment and Ego State theories
  • Review of EMDR
  • The power of neurologically installed positive ideation
  • The clinical impact of working within a positive resource matrix
  • EMDR research, risks and treatment limitations
A Four Phase Strategy to More Effective Resourcing
  • Preparation
  • Developing and installing positive resources for wounded parts to create an inner experience of safety, nurturance, protection and guidance
  • Linking together ego states, resources and their accompanying positive sensations, emotions and cognitions
  • Closure and reinforcing new positive narratives
Clinical Applications
  • Preparation for EMDR and other modalities
  • Potentiating EMDR Positive Interweaves and Cognitions
  • Neurological installation of positive insights, memories, emotions and sensations
  • Treating distressing symptoms of attachment wounding
  • Special populations/issues (addiction, insomnia, etc.)
Benefits of Client-Centered Embodied Resources
  • Resource/attachment focus vs. trauma focus
  • Transform disturbance in a positive resourced field
  • Stabilization and integration of structurally dissociated parts
  • Enhancement of present time experience of self
  • Development of a new positive narrative; leaving the past in the past
Direct Experience and Guided-Session
  • Case studies
  • Client video clips
  • An annotated full client session
  • Experiential learning through a group guided session

Target Audience

  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Other Mental Health Professionals


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