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Digital Seminar

Sibling Grief: Specialized Interventions and Support Skills for Clients Across the Lifespan

Stephanie Pearce, LCSW, CT, GCP, PMH-C
Approx. 6 Hours
Jul 16, 2024
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Digital Seminar - Also available: Live Webinar

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Lifetime friends, role models and confidants. The bond between siblings is one of the most important we’ll ever experience.

But sibling loss is one of the most unacknowledged and minimized losses today…and more of these “forgotten mourners” than ever before are looking for therapists who can provide specialized care.

That’s why certified thanatologist and expert in sibling loss Stephanie Pearce created this training program…

…so you can use her complete toolkit and session-by-session plans to become a go-to provider for bereaved siblings trying to find their way in a new and lonely world.

Stephanie will show you what to do from the very first session. From the questions you need to ask to customize your work to the interventions and exercises to walk alongside them on their grief journeys, you’ll end this training ready to:

  • Keep clients’ connection with their siblings alive in meaningful ways
  • Tackle delayed grieving and the feelings that often get swept under the rug
  • Work with the disenfranchised grief so common in these clients
  • Work with suicide bereaved siblings, twin loss, and loss due to addiction
  • Use resourcing techniques, creative arts activities, and meaning making exercises
  • Help clients manage shifting roles & relationships in their families
  • And much more!

And with case studies, practical suggestions and video demonstrations from actual client sessions and interactions, this course makes it easy to digest all you’ll learn and immediately apply it to your own work.

So many clients are looking for care from someone who “gets it” after they’ve lost a brother or sister.

So don’t wait to get the specialized training you need to confidently and effectively work with grieving siblings.

Purchase now!


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Continuing education credit information is coming soon for this non-interactive self-study package.

CEs may be available for select professions, as listed in the target audience. Hours will be dependent on the actual recording time. Please check with your state licensing board or organization for specific requirements. 

There may be an additional fee for CE certificates. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-844-8260 for more details. 

**Materials that are included in this course may include interventions and modalities that are beyond the authorized practice of your profession. As a licensed professional, you are responsible for reviewing the scope of practice, including activities that are defined in law as beyond the boundaries of practice in accordance with and in compliance with your professions standards.

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  1. Identify the unique challenges faced by adult surviving siblings as disenfranchised grievers.
  2. Identify risk and protective factors associated with maladaptive coping in bereaved children who’ve lost siblings.
  3. Determine the impact of restructuring roles within the family unit on surviving siblings.
  4. Determine how to best support grieving clients who’ve lost siblings to suicide or addiction.
  5. Utilize resourcing activities to improve bereaved siblings’ emotional regulation.
  6. Choose meaning making activities to assist clients with honoring their deceased sibling.


Sibling Loss: Unique & Nuanced Aspects

  • Importance of sibling relationship on well-being
  • Sibling loss through the utilization of the Dual Process Grief Model
  • How sibling loss differs from other losses
  • Loss & restoration/present orientation through the sibling loss lens
  • Impacts through the life span
  • Video demonstration: A sibling loss initial session

The Sibling Loss Experience: Guiding Clients Through

  • What helping professionals need to understand about sibling loss
  • Grief expert interview on delayed grieving & disenfranchised grief
  • Primary & secondary loss through the sibling loss lens
  • Special Considerations: suicide bereaved siblings, twin loss, loss due to addiction

How Sibling Loss Impacts the Family System

  • Shifting roles & relationships
  • Traumatic & complex relationships
  • Addressing family needs after an unexpected loss of a child
  • Adaptive communication techniques

Resources & Interventions for Holding Client’s Grief Experience

  • Assisting clients with holding grief & honoring their siblings
  • Resourcing techniques for selfregulation & distress tolerance
  • Creative arts grief house activity
  • Interventions for integrating loss into their daily lives
  • Video demonstrations
  • Research, risks and limitations

Enhancing Connection & Continuing Bonds with Siblings

  • Continuing Bonds Theory within the context of sibling loss
  • Special ways to honor siblings
  • Making meaning activities
  • Cultural aspects related to honoring of siblings

Target Audience

  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Pastoral Counselors
  • Chaplains/Clergy
  • Thanatologists


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