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 This program is no longer active, however there are other versions of this program in which you may be interested.

2-Day Forensic Nursing: Caring for Victims of Trauma, Violence & Intentional Injuries, 5/18/2022 12:00:00 AM CDT, Digital Seminar More info »
2-Day Forensic Nursing: Caring for Victims of Trauma, Violence & Intentional Injuries, 5/18/2022 12:00:00 AM CDT, DVD More info »
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2-Day Forensic Nursing: Caring for Victims of Trauma, Violence & Intentional Injuries

Pamela Tabor, DNP-Forensics, AFN-BC |  Lauren Wegener, BSN, RN, Forensic MSN-Student
2 Full Days
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Live Webcast - Also available: Digital Seminar | DVD

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Forensic nursing has become the fastest growing specialty within nursing.

Dr. Pamela D. Tabor, DNP-Forensics, AFN-BC and Lauren Wegener, BSN, RN, Forensic MSN-student, are the highly qualified experts selected for this intensive training. They know all too well that across various nursing roles, specialties and settings you are seeing victims of trauma, violence, intentional/unintentional injuries, and death.

Advance your practice as you synthesize crimes involving patients, including forensic case studies and photographs. This practice changing event will provide resources and tools to learn from: evidence collection kits, body maps/diagrams, bite mark rulers, alternative light sources and a shaken infant model to demonstrate traumatic injuries.

Explore fascinating charting examples that delve into very difficult clinical scenarios: drug facilitated sexual assault, strangulation, intimate partner violence, human trafficking and infant death investigation.

Our patients require and deserve compassionate, devoted, and well-trained forensic nurses to avoid re-victimization - and to begin the healing process. Imagine if you had that superpower!


Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Nurse Specialists

PESI, Inc. is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Nurses in full attendance will earn 12.5 contact hours. Partial contact hours will be awarded for partial attendance.

California Nurses

PESI, Inc. is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 17118 for 12.5 contact hours. Full attendance is required. No partial contact hours will be issued for partial attendance. 

Florida Nurses

PESI, Inc. is an approved provider with the Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # FBN2858. This course qualifies for 12.5 contact hours. 

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Iowa Nurses

PESI, Inc. is an approved provider by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Provider #: 346. Full attendance at this activity qualifies for 12.6 contact hours. Full attendance in the activity is required; no partial contact hours will be issued for partial attendance. These contact hours are used for your license renewal. Please email with your license number, include the webcast title, speaker name and date. PESI must have this number on file in order for your hours to be valid for the webcast.

Other Professions

This activity qualifies for 760 continuing education minutes as required by many national, state and local licensing boards and professional organizations. Save your activity advertisement and certificate of completion, and contact your own board or organization for specific requirements. 



Pamela Tabor, DNP-Forensics, AFN-BC's Profile

Pamela Tabor, DNP-Forensics, AFN-BC Related seminars and products


Board of Directors of the IAFN

Dr. Pamela D. Tabor, DNP-Forensics, AFN-BC, serves as a consultant and expert witness in the private sector and for the Department of Defense in military trials. She has testified before the legislature on numerous occasions, has consulted at the Pentagon, served as the director for the Arkansas Infant & Child Death Review Program and developed the Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Training Program in Arkansas. Pamela holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree with a forensic focus, is a Board-Certified Advance Forensic Nurse and has an Advance Health Specialty Forensic Science Certification. She is a Certified Law Enforcement Standards and Training Instructor and a Fellow with the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners.

She served two terms on the board of Directors for the International Association of Forensic Nurses and earned the Distinguished Fellow award. Pamela has published articles in peer-review journals, authored a book chapter in Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing and is currently working on a chapter about stalking for the Academy of Forensic Nurses.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Pamela Tabor maintains a private practice. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Pamela Tabor is a member of the Academy of Forensic Nurses, Medicolegal Death Investigation Committee and the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners.

Lauren Wegener, BSN, RN, Forensic MSN-Student's Profile

Lauren Wegener, BSN, RN, Forensic MSN-Student Related seminars and products

Lauren Wegener, BSN, RN, Forensic MSN-student, is a forensic nurse examiner. Her current role includes performing case reviews, precepting new sexual assault nurses and practicing through telemedicine. Her expertise has been sought for trial work consultation/expert testimony and serves as a preceptor for regional and statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) throughout Arkansas.

She is didactically trained through the International Association of Forensics Nurses approved program to provide acute and non-acute for the adult, adolescent, and pediatric victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Lauren Wegener has an employment relationship with UAMS. She receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Lauren Wegener is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the Forensic Nurse Subsection, the Academy of Forensic Nursing, and the American Nurses Association. She is an editor and contributor for Statewide Forensic Nurse Newsletter.

Additional Info

Webcast Schedule

Please note: Each day there will be a 70-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Lunch and break times will be announced by the speaker and at their discretion. A more detailed schedule is available upon request.

Access Period for Live Webcast

For live CE credit, you must watch the live webcast in its entirety at its scheduled time and complete the CE quiz and evaluation within one week. You will have access for 90 days after the program for review.


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  1. Analyze case studies to identify and interrupt healthcare serial killers.
  2. Develop a critical plan for the medicolegal professional to testify as an expert witness.
  3. Evaluate how to thoroughly address infanticide, abusive head trauma and sudden unexplained infant death investigation.
  4. Create a stalking case through patient interview and utilization of SHARP.
  5. Differentiate clinical relevance between intentional and unintentional injuries.
  6. Apply evidence-based strategies to assess intimate partner violence and case file construction.
  7. Determine how to assess and document child maltreatment with body maps.
  8. Appraise elder abuse patterns and necessary steps to work with an ombudsman.
  9. Design an evidence-based sexual assault program, including supported tools and forms.
  10. Construct a human trafficking case to collaborate with local police and the FBI.
  11. Develop nurse coroner skills to perform death investigations using evidence-based documentation and photography.
  12. Construct an assessment and treatment plan for victims of strangulation.
  13. Apply forensic photodocumentation approaches to prove and preserve critical patient findings.


Clinically Relevant Identification of Intentional vs Unintentional Injuries

  • Intentional injuries
  • Unintentional injures
  • Blunt and sharp force trauma and gunshot wounds
  • Diagrams, photos, and documentation

Investigating Infant Deaths

  • Five cardinal rules of bruising
  • Abusive head trauma
  • Differentiate between types of sudden unexplained infant death
  • Case study demonstration: Using an infant death investigation kit

Child Maltreatment: The Death of Innocence

  • Mechanisms of trauma
  • Neglect and the difficulty of substantiating
  • Identification and documentation
  • Photos and case study

Sexual Assault: Comprehensive Assessment and Evidence Collection

  • Obtaining history
  • Forensic exam demonstration with chart examples
  • Evidence collection process
  • Demonstration of alternative light source, collection techniques, sexual assault collection kit, and body maps

Stalking: Lethal Hide and Seek

  • Categories of stalking and case study
  • Stalker typologies
  • Stalking, intimate partner violence and femicide
  • Stalking of healthcare workers
  • Interactive use of the Stalking and Harassment Assessment Risk Profile (SHARP) Tool

Strangulation: Snuffing Out Lights and Lives

  • Types of strangulation
  • Symptoms and health consequences of strangulation
  • Case study with photos

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Love Turned Violent

  • Direct and indirect indicators of IPV
  • Behaviors of abusers
  • Walker’s Cycle of Violence
  • Demonstration of IPV screening tools

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

  • Scope of human trafficking
  • Types of human trafficking with case examples
  • Human trafficking vs. human smuggling
  • Actus Reus requirements

Forensic Mental Health Nurse (FMHN): Therapeutic Alliance

  • Consulting with defense, prosecution, and law enforcement
  • Suicide and case study
  • Critical stress debriefing

Elder Abuse: Caring for Those Who Cared for Us

  • Vulnerability
  • Seven categories of elder abuse
  • Resources for investigation
  • Case study with photos

Medicolegal Death Investigation: Be an Investigator or Nurse Coroner

  • Manners and causes of death
  • Signs of impending death
  • Postmortem changes and decomposition
  • Case study with photos

Testifying as an Expert Witness or Serving as a Consultant

  • Factors in the judicial process
  • Testifying for the defense or prosecution
  • Mock trial and techniques for testifying
  • Building a consulting practice

Healthcare Serial Killers (HSK): Killers Instead of Healers

  • Case studies
  • HSK behaviors, methods, and motivations
  • Victimology
  • Strategic positioning for the forensic nurse in interventions, identification, and investigations

Correctional Forensic Nursing: Behind the Bars

  • Correctional settings
  • Role and practice issues
  • Geriatric and female offenders

Vicarious Trauma (VT): Fortifying Forensic Nurses

  • Case study utilizing a personal story of VT
  • Terminology associated with VT
  • Symptoms and progression of VT

Target Audience

  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Nurse Educators
  • Risk Managers
  • Legal Nurse Consultants


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