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52 Questions Before Marriage or Moving In

The Gottman Institute
Jan 01, 1999
The Gottman Institute
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Is forever in the cards for you?

With almost half of all marriages ending in divorce, these 52 commitment cards give you a "hand" up in the game of love. In this functional deck, each card asks one or more questions on Romance, Social Life, Work and Money.

Partners take turns asking and answering the questions they draw. Each turn helps create friendship and intimacy by encouraging you to know each other deeply. Sample questions:

  • Ace of Hearts: What does loving each other mean to you? In what ways does your partner demonstrate love for you?
  • King of Clubs: What is there to admire about your partner’s relationship with her/his family members? What are the challenges in your relationship with your in-laws?
  • Ace of Spades: How will you decide who is responsible for which chores? When the workload gets lopsided, how will you address the issue?
  • 2 of Diamonds: How do you feel about any existing debt? About taking on more debt as a couple?

Don't gamble on love - play with a full deck together!



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