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Kimochis® Feelings Poster

Plushy Feely Corp.
Jan 01, 2010
Plushy Feely Corp.
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Perfect for home or classroom, this 18x24 inch full color poster is a fun way to build a child's emotional vocabulary.

Feelings included:

Happy • Sad • Mad • Brave • Embarrassed • Friendly • Sorry • Disappointed • Frustrated • Silly • Hopeful • Left Out • Excited • Jealous • Curious • Cranky • Sensitive • Proud • Insecure • Grateful • Loved • Guilty • Uncomfortable • Shy • Hurt • Surprised • Scared • Kind

Identify and express how you are feeling! (Poster can even be laminated and used with dry erase markers.)

Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means "feeling" in Japanese. These wonderful plush toys provide helpful information and communication tools to parents, educators, clinicians and children to help them learn to be better communicators, and to express their feelings. Using Kimochi® characters, kids can get in touch with their own emotions in a fun and comfortable way. When kids can communicate their feelings, they cultivate confidence and character.

John & Julie Gottman and Kimochis®:

"I believe that Kimochis® are great because they get children to talk about their more 'negative' feelings with other kids and with teachers and parents. Here is a vehicle for coaching children about feelings, which is the royal road to these magic moments for connecting with our children."

-John Gottman, Ph.D.




Teachers using Kimochis®:









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