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Healing Anxiety, Depression and Unworthiness

78 Brain-Changing Mindfulness & Yoga Practices

Mary NurrieStearns, MSW, LCSW, C-IAYT
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Jul 31, 2018
PESI Publishing
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Transform your feelings of anxiety, depression and unworthiness into loving self-acceptance.

Mindfulness and yoga authority Mary NurrieStearns has created a compassionate and practical workbook that provides a caring healing journey. 78 brain-changing practices help you focus on life-enhancing thoughts and actions, which leads to self-understanding, and living with meaning and peace.

  • Interactive format with journaling prompts
  • Step-by-step mindful yoga poses
  • Tips to reduce self-blame
  • Learning to take care of emotions
  • Practices to undo shame
  • Tools for cultivating mindful contentment
  • BONUS: Clinician treatment notes for each chapter



"This book presents cutting-edge interventions to relieve distress and suffering using simple mindfuness and yoga practices. It is written in a warm, compassionate voice that guides the reader and makes each step easy and sequential. There are many workbooks now available to both clients and therapists, but this is one of the best!"

- Janina Fisher, PhD, Assistant Education Director, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, author of Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors

"A calm mind, emotional aliveness, self-compassion these are the qualities of resilience that so many struggle to find. They are also the promises of this jewel of a book. Blending modern neuroscience with ancient healing practices, Mary NurrieStearns makes it crystal clear how to apply mindfulness and yoga skills for resilient mental health. Read it, practice it and create your own joyful life."

- Henry Emmons, MD, co-founder of and author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm

"Mary has succinctly combined relevant literature from neuroscience, brain development, family and cultural studies, clinical work, and personal experience. The result is a valuable tool for a clinician or an individual wanting to know what to do, and also understand why. Her gentle coaching style is both supportive and inspiring. This is a very practical workbook of small, doable, and pleasant steps to take. When done persistently, they will change the brain and result in increased happiness, well-being and sense of self-worth in one's life. There is much hope in these actionable skills."

- Lindsay Patterson, PhD

"With joyful clarity and wisdom, Mary NurrieStearns has distilled 38 years of professional practice and personal experience into a concise and coherent guide for healing. I highly recommend this invaluable resource, and I will use it daily in my personal life and clinical practice."

- Cindy Reynolds, PhD


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