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Blue Spectrum Band

Zayne Harshaw
Jan 01, 2022
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Zayne Harshaw Biography

“It takes a village to raise a child.” This old African proverb not only expresses a wise belief but also reflects the reality of raising a child as special as Zayne. Diagnosed with autism at the age of four, Zayne’s village included speech therapists, a behavioral pediatrician, and some wonderful teachers. Occupational therapists would eventually be needed for almost eight years to address Zayne’s severe dexterity issues.

But at the age of 14, Zayne expressed interest in playing the guitar. He went into his room and emerged two years later as a guitarist. This self-taught musician soon discovered he had “perfect pitch,” which means he could hear notes and automatically know their musical keys.

Jam sessions around town became his training ground to further develop his own style of playing and entertaining. He would watch veteran musicians play and then go home to practice what he had just witnessed. This constant honing helped Zayne develop into quite the showman. 

His musical abilities have been featured in various local and national media outlets: NBC4’s Autism Puzzle, the Associated Press, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette, the Youngstown Vindicator, the Columbus Dispatch, the Associated Press, Bounce TV, and Telemundo to name a few. He has played all over Central Ohio and the surrounding cities and counties.

Zayne’s accomplishments include:

  • In 2016, he was chosen by the Columbus Blues Alliance to represent Columbus in the Youth Showcase of the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.
  • This was followed up with performances in Ohio cities such as Cincinnati, Cambridge, Dayton, London, Sandusky and Cleveland.
  • Zayne was awarded the 2017 Community Star Award from the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.
  • Performances in cities such as: Harrisburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Philadelphia, PA; Orlando, FL; Bethesda, MD; El Paso, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Houston, TX; and New York City.
  • In 2022, Zayne Harshaw released first CD titled "Out Of The Blue". This six-song EP captures the spectrum of music that Zayne loves. Zayne was deeply involved in the entire production and his imprint is on every recording.

Zayne lives the words of his band, Blue Spectrum's, impassioned motto:

"Life is not to be viewed through the single lens of a diagnosis but to be lived through the Spectrum of potential, promise and purpose."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



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