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Digital Seminar

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional Training: Evidence-Based Protocol for Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Professional Resiliency

Approx. 6 Hours
Sep 13, 2024
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Digital Seminar - Also available: Live Webinar

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Caring has its costs.

But helping others heal and regain productive lives is likely what led you to become a clinician in the first place.

So what happens when all the accumulated suffering and trauma that you have witnessed in session starts to cause problems in your own personal and professional life?

Working with patients who suffer from trauma, pain, abuse and depression can have negative effects on you, the caregiver—many of which are potentially debilitating. The pandemic and recent years have only heightened these visceral feelings and put more strain on clinicians.

It’s because of this that Dr. J. Eric Gentry, an internationally recognized leader in the area of compassion fatigue, created a framework and a self-directed plan for reversing the effects of compassion fatigue through professional resiliency.

After this training, you will take home evidence-based compassion resiliency and prevention skills drawn from the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue. Learn practical self-regulation skills that are critical to your being maximally effective with your patients and improving treatment outcomes.

Best of all, upon completion of this training, you’ll be eligible to become a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) through Evergreen Certifications. Certification lets colleagues, employers, and clients know that you’ve invested the extra time and effort necessary to understand the complexities of compassion fatigue.*

Let Dr. Gentry show you how to recapture your sense of mission, purpose, hope and joy in your career helping others.

*Professional standards apply. Visit for details.


  • No hidden fees – PESI pays for your application fee (a $99 value)*! low price!
  • Simply complete this training and the included post-event evaluation, and your application to be a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional through Evergreen Certifications is complete.*

Attendees will receive documentation of CCFP designation from Evergreen Certifications 4 to 6 weeks following completion.

*Professional standards apply. Visit for professional requirements.


Planning Committee Disclosure - No relevant relationships

All members of the PESI, Inc. planning committee have provided disclosures of financial relationships with ineligible organizations and any relevant non-financial relationships prior to planning content for this activity. None of the committee members had relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies or other potentially biasing relationships to disclose to learners.  For speaker disclosures, please see the faculty biography.

* Credit Note - CE Information Coming Soon

Continuing education credit information is coming soon for this non-interactive self-study package.

CEs may be available for select professions, as listed in the target audience. Hours will be dependent on the actual recording time. Please check with your state licensing board or organization for specific requirements. 

There may be an additional fee for CE certificates. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-844-8260 for more details. 

**Materials that are included in this course may include interventions and modalities that are beyond the authorized practice of your profession. As a licensed professional, you are responsible for reviewing the scope of practice, including activities that are defined in law as beyond the boundaries of practice in accordance with and in compliance with your professions standards.


J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS, CCTP's Profile

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Compassion Unlimited

J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS, CCTP, is an internationally recognized leader in the study and treatment of traumatic stress and compassion fatigue. His PhD is from Florida State University where he studied with Professor Charles Figley – a pioneer of these two fields. In 1997, he co-developed the Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) for compassion fatigue – the world’s only evidence-based treatment protocol for compassion fatigue. In 1998, he introduced the Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training and Compassion Fatigue Prevention & Resiliency Training. These two trainings have demonstrated treatment effectiveness for the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and he published these effects in several journals. He has trained over 100,000 health professionals over the past 20 years.

He has written numerous chapters, papers, and peer-reviewed journal articles in the areas of traumatic stress and compassion fatigue. Dr. Gentry is a Master Traumatologist with over 35 years of clinical experience with trauma, Complex PTSD, personality disorders, and dissociation.

He is the president and CEO of The Forward Facing® Institute and owner of Compassion Unlimited – a private psychotherapy, training, and consulting practice – in Phoenix, AZ.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dr. J. Eric Gentry maintains a private practice. He is the owner and President of Forward-Facing Institute, LLC., the CEO of Compassion Unlimited, and the co-director of Community Crisis Support Team. Dr. Gentry has employment relationships with the University of South Florida State, the Florida State University, the Florida Center for Theological Studies, the Argosy University, and the Webster University. He is a consultant and receives compensation. Dr. Gentry is a published author and receives royalties. He receives a speaking honorarium, book royalties, and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. He has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dr. J. Eric Gentry is a member of the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and others. For a complete list, please contact

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Access for Self-Study (Non-Interactive)

Access never expires for this product.


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  1. Summarize the causes, effects, treatments and prevention of compassion fatigue that include burnout, secondary traumatic stress, & caregiver stress.
  2. Explain how compassion fatigue erodes professional resiliency.
  3. Implement skills for successful self-regulation.
  4. Demonstrate an increased capacity to remain comfortable and maximally effective regardless of external demands.
  5. Develop a personalized professional moral compass for the starting point for professional maturation and resiliency.
  6. Implement simple powerful strategies to prevent the symptoms of compassion fatigue.


Essentials of Compassion Fatigue: How it Impacts Professionals, the Workplace and Caregivers

  • Silent Witness
  • History of compassion fatigue
  • Principles of compassion fatigue
  • The impact of compassion fatigue on personal and professional life
  • Importance of addressing compassion fatigue in the mental health profession
  • Causes and effects of stress in the caregiving workplace
  • The four maxims of professional resiliency

Red Flags: Signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue

  • Understanding the causes of CF
  • The role of the nervous system and why it matters
  • The process of secondary traumatic stress
  • Burnout as caused by autonomic dysregulation and distorted perception
  • The effect of compassion fatigue on mental health professionals and their clients

The Compassion and Empathy Toolkit: Tools to Maintain Purpose and Fulfillment

  • The neuro-physiology of compassion fatigue
  • Perceived threat & the autonomous nervous system
  • Assessment instruments for self and others
  • Self-care strategies to prevent compassion fatigue
  • Causes, cures, and prevention of burnout and secondary traumatic stress

Compassion Fatigue Interventions: Restore Joy in your Work to Better Help Clients

  • Self-regulation
  • Self-regulation vs. relaxation
  • Parasympathetic nervous system dominance
  • Shifting from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance for stress reduction
  • Exercise: Learning self-regulation


  • Articulation of intention & defining goals
  • Reactivity to intentionality
  • Mission-focused living—resiliency and symptom reduction

Connection & Support

  • Redefining what it means to ask for help
  • Four critical functions of a support network
  • Social support development tools

Self-Care & Revitalization

  • Assessments for self and other
  • Modalities of self-care
  • Reframing self care as indulgence
  • Refueling: A roadmap to developing re-creative activities
  • The ethics of self care

Professional Resilience: Clinical Skills to Enhance Resiliency

  • What is professional resiliency
  • Disrupt self-weakening patterns: placating, peoplepleasing, entitlement, and indulgence
  • Tools for developing, maintaining, and strengthening self-hood
  • Design a self-directed professional resiliency plan (Gentry 2004 & Dietz, 2020)
  • Five key resiliency skills
  • Exercise: Compassionate self-supervision

Target Audience

  • Nurses
  • Nurse Educators
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Floor Directors and Managers
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • CNAs
  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Technicians
  • Veterinary Practice Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Clinical Supervisors
  • Educators
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Case Managers
  • Others in Caring Professions

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