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Listen, Learn, and Grow

A Whole Body Listening Larry Story to Help Kids Regulate, Listen, and Engage

McAlister Greiner Huynh, MED, NBCT |  Elizabeth Sautter |  Kristen Wilson, MS, CCC |  Eric Hutchison
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Oct 24, 2023
PESI Publishing
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Listening Larry is back, and he’s learned a few things about neurodiversity.

It’s true that when we listen, we often use each ear. But listening is more than receiving what we hear!

Listen, Learn, and Grow is a delightful rhyming story that explores the many ways kids can use their whole body as a listening tool. And here’s a hint: Listening looks different for everyone!

Readers will join Larry and his friend Lori in their classroom as they discover that listening is more than just “hearing” with their ears. It’s about using their eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, body, brain, and heart to help them remain regulated, focused, and engaged so they can be successful learners at school.

As a bonus, Listen, Learn, and Grow also includes a variety of activities that educators and parents can use at home, in the classroom, and in the community to encourage whole body listening throughout the day.



McAlister Greiner Huynh, MED, NBCT Related seminars and products

McAlister Greiner Huynh, MEd, NBCT, is a national board-certified special educator and behavior specialist in North Carolina. She has been working with and learning from neurodivergent individuals for 10 years, steadily growing in her passion for neurodiversity, disability culture, and radical acceptance. McAlister is the educator behind "The Neurodivergent Teacher" on Facebook and Instagram, where she connects with families, professionals, and neurodivergent folks worldwide to share philosophies around teaching, self-advocacy skills, accessibility, and coping strategies.

Elizabeth Sautter Related seminars and products

Elizabeth A. Sautter, MA, CCC, is a speech-language pathologist, speaker, author, and trainer with expertise in social-emotional well-being. She is the author of the parent activity book Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! along with many other resources for parents, including an online course and community. Elizabeth collaborates with the Zones of Regulation team as a trainer and is a coauthor of other Zones products, including children’s books, card decks, and games. She loves to connect on social media @elizabeth.sautter or

Kristen Wilson, MS, CCC Related seminars and products

Kristen Wilson, MS, CCC, is a speech-language pathologist and the coauthor of the books Whole Body Listening Larry at Home! and Whole Body Listening Larry at School! Kristen specializes in working with a diverse population of children, teens, and adults in school, hospital, and private practice settings. She believes that building self-esteem and self-awareness while teaching self-advocacy is the key to successful interventions. Kristen lives in Placentia, CA, with her husband and two daughters.

Eric Hutchison Related seminars and products

Eric Hutchison is an artist specializing in digital illustration, design, and 3D product development. He has been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years and resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.


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