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Digital Seminar

Module 2: Smart but Scattered Adults - Manage ADHD by Targeting Executive Skills

Margaret Dawson, EdD, NCSP
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Dec 16, 2016
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Margaret Dawson, EdD, NCSP's Profile

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Peg Dawson, EdD, NCSP, is a school psychologist and for over 20 years has worked at the Center for Learning and Attention Disorders in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she specializes in the assessment of children and adults with learning and attention disorders. She is co-author of the bestselling books on executive dysfunction, Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: 2nd Edition (Guilford, 2010), Smart but Scattered (Guilford, 2009) and Smart but Scattered Teens (Guilford, 2013).

Peg is a past editor of Communiqué, the newsletter of the National Association of School Psychologists, and has published numerous articles and book chapters on a variety of topics, including retention, ability grouping, reading disorders, attention disorders, the sleep problems of adolescents, the use of interviews in the assessment process, and homework.

Peg has many years of organizational experience at the state, national and international levels and served in many capacities, including president of the New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists, the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the International School Psychology Association.She has also participated in many of NASP’s leadership initiatives, including the Futures Conference and the development of both the second and third Blueprint for the Training and Practice of School Psychology. She is the 2006 recipient of NASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Peg received her doctorate in school/child clinical psychology from the University of Virginia.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Margaret (Peg) Dawson is an author for Guilford Press and receives royalties. She is an author for Amacon publishers and receives royalties. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Margaret (Peg) Dawson has no relevant non-financial relationships.

Alternate Options


  1. Outline the key role executive skills play in understanding adults with ADHD.
  2. Evaluate assessment tools to determine clients’ profiles of executive skill strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Formulate with clients on the best way to restructure their environment to reduce the impact of weak executive skills.
  4. Build a realistic change plan that enables ADHD clients to improve executive skills in situations and settings they identify as problematic.
  5. Determine effective strategies ADHD clients can use to cope with executive skill challenges in the workplace, the home and in relationships.
  6. Evaluate tools to enhance 12 executive skill domains.



Overall:      4.7

Total Reviews: 9


Carrie F

"Great presenter. Very good applications with real examples and adequate research components. Unable to hear any audience questions. Presenter often summarized but use or a hand mic would have added to the presenter. I know it is somewhat annoying to have to be the one to shuttle around the mic, it does afford learners the opportunity to truly engage with the content. Very responsive to email. Very enjoyable-easy to listen to! "

Andrea P

"Great seminar!! I loved the application strategies."

Jodi B

"Given the recorded nature of the presentation the focus on all the questions (and honestly, participants discussing more personal experience than allowing Dr. Dawson to share her expertise) was distracting and a bit frustrating to watch at times."

Lucy D

"Great presentation!!"

Nichole P

"The interventions that were discussed align perfectly with my behavior analytic background. I'm so happy to learn that I have many of these tools in my background-- now I can apply!"

Maggie F

"Exceptional & comfortable presenter. Helpful course with realistic examples & strategies. Thanks "

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