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Digital Seminar

Motivational Interviewing: Module 5

Stephen Rollnick, PhD
1 Hour 28 Minutes
Audio and Video
Dec 05, 2013
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Digital Seminar


Module 5 Outline:

  • Client Number 1: Helen at the School Gates

This module is an opportunity to observe the practice of MI, with different counselors. Everyone has their own style and personality, yet what unites all of these demonstrations is an effort to use MI.  After each one Steve Rollnick will offer some reflections and commentary. 

The first illustration is a case scenario called "Hele at the School Gates," featuring Steven Rollnick and a simulated client called Helen. There was no rehearsal involved. 

Here's the story, and it's from the heart of mental health practice:

Helen is leaning against the school gates, panting. A teacher notices her. Helen says she can't breathe, and she seem wobbly: possibly drunk. Her husband leaves the house early and is not sympathetic. Their two boys are very hard work. Yesterday, one of them, Alex, nearly got run over on the way to school. He's overactive, and they fight all the time. 

A secret drink is about the only way Helen feels she can cope with the panic and get them to school. Helen walks into your room... this could be in any setting.

  • Client Number 2: The Suspicious Smoker

This next scenario also involves Stephen Rollnick, now with a simulated client under pressure; Go for treatment, or you're in trouble. There was no rehearsal involved.

  • The Rounder

The next scenario has been used by trainers in MI worldwide, for many years, for good reason: its with Dr Terri Moyers, and involves an unrehearsed and very entertaining interview with someone in big trouble.



Stephen Rollnick, PhD's Profile

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Private Practice

Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D., is on the faculty in the Department of Primary Care & Public Health at Cardiff University, Wales. He has also worked for many years as a clinical psychologist in the British National Health Service. With a background in the addiction field, his interest turned to consultations about behavior change in wider mental health & healthcare practice, where practitioners try to encourage clients to change their lifestyle and use of medication. Dr. Rollnick’s research and teaching activity is now focused on the behavior of practitioners and other topics. He has trained practitioners in many countries and continents, and has published a wide range of research papers, articles and books.

  • Co-author, with William R. Miller, of key texts on Motivational Interviewing, including the recently published Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, 3rd Edition
  • 25 years’ experience working with therapists and practitioners across the globe
  • Co-founder and leading member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)
  • Clinical expertise in addiction, panic and anxiety, HIV-AIDS, chronic illness and depression

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Financial: Stephen Rollnick receives compensation from PESI, Inc. for developing course material, speaking, and product sales.

Non-Financial: Stephen Rollnick has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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Overall:      5

Total Reviews: 3


Jeffrey W

"I'm really looking forward to practicing the material. The use of metaphors was particularly engaging. Especially the reference to the compassion cocoon. Putting on the MI mind or spectacles will help me create a mindset for MI implementation."

Mary R

"very good and helpful"

Zenaida C

"Loved this course! "

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