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Quick Reference to Critical Care

Nancy Diepenbrock
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Oct 09, 2015
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Sharpen your critical care skills, with the fully updated Quick Reference to Critical Care, fifth 5th edition. This well-illustrated pocket guide covers the full range of critical care scenarios, listing each disorder, medication, test, or device alphabetically by body system. Each entry supports the latest evidence-based nursing procedures and stabilization practices, all formatted in a convenient quick-read outline. Get immediate on-the-job answers to your critical care questions, with this comprehensive quick-use guide.

Get on-the-spot, critical care direction and data
  • NEW neurological content: Salt table on sodium imbalances, table on intercranial hypertension treatments, lumbar puncture, the Ommaya reservoir, stroke, and more
  • NEW cardiovascular content: cardiomyopathy, cardiac surgery, new closure devices, EKGs, endovascular embolization, intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation, shock topics, transcatheter aortic valve replacement, ventricular assist device, hypothermia, and more
  • NEW pulmonary content: capnography, oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve, Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS), and more
  • NEW GI/GU content: intra-abdominal pressure management, lab abnormalities in acute liver failure, table for calculating body mass, and more
  • NEW renal content: the Quinton catheter in hemodialysis and new CDC guidelines
  • NEW endocrine content: metabolic syndrome
  • NEW hematologic content: clotting cascade and clotting factor, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Ebola virus, AIDS treatments, plasmaphoresis, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, and more
  • NEW content on drugs, labs, and imaging; dressing options for wound care
  • NEW updated hotline phone numbers
  • More than 350 illustrations - Figures, algorithms, photos, drawings, and tables
  • Get vital information fast with the quick reference format that ICU nurses have relied on for decades:
    • Read-at-a-glance bulleted outline format enables quick comprehension
    • Extensive cross-referencing for additional, related information
    • Chapters for each body system with disorders and injuries listed in alpha order
    • Tables and charts with vital info on medication, dosing, conversions, compatibilities, lab tests, and more
    • Remember feature notes important points to aid easy recall



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Nancy Diepenbrock,RN, retired CCRN has worked in healthcare for more than 30 years. Her book, Quick Reference to Critical Care, was voted as Lippincott’s Book of the year in 2008 by the American Journal of Nursing. She has volunteered internationally on mission trips with United Church of Christ. Zale Lipshy University Hospital nominated her for “Nursing Excellence” and as one of the “Great 100” nurses in Dallas, TX.


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