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Digital Seminar

MEADOWS: Success is an Inside Job – How to get out of your own way, get to the top of your game and live in your career and creative potential

Judith Chusid, PhD
49 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 11, 2021
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Digital Seminar


This talk will help you identify self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy patterns that can interfere with or derail your success and prevent you living in your potential and reaching the top of your game based on the Inside Job approach covered in Dr. Chusid’s new book Success Is An Inside Job.

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you underearning, underachieving, or performing inconsistently?
  • Do you have difficulty clarifying your career path or vision or making a career change or transition?
  • Are you financially successful but feel unhappy?
  • Have you reached the top of your game and are a victim of sabotage at the top?
  • Do you hate what you do?

We all have infinite potential. We are born with a gift: an innate talent we are meant to share with the world. Some of us have one special skill; others are multi-talented. When our innate talent makes its first appearance, it emerges as a passionate interest or magnetic pull to engage in a specific kind of activity. This passionate interest contains the seeds of our right livelihood or what is popularly referred to as doing what you love and following your bliss.


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Judith F. Chusid, Ph.D. is a certified psychologist and licensed psychoanalyst who has over forty years of experience as a therapist, teacher, consultant, sports psychologist, executive coach, qualitative researcher, speaker and workshop facilitator. Nicknamed “The Resistance Buster,” her extensive Toolkit includes strategies for resolving resistances to success and change, fear of success issues, family restructuring, team building and leadership development.

Dr. Chusid is author of Success Is An Inside Job: Stop Playing Small, Overcome Fear of Success, Live Your Potential, the first in a six-book series. At the moment, she is working on Success Is An Inside Job: Choose Better, Overcome Unhealthy Relationships, Manifest Your Bershert (Soulmate)

She earned her masters and doctorate degrees from New York University, and a Professional Diploma (P.D.) from St. John’s University in School Psychology/ Professional Child Psychology. A NYS licensed psychoanalyst, she received her post-graduate psychoanalytic training from The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. A former full-time instructor at Adelphi University, she got her start as a sports psychologist with The Panthers, Adelphi University’s Men’s Lacrosse Team. She is founder and director of JFC Professional Services (JFC), a boutique psychological services practice and founder and creator of Success Is An Inside Job, Inc. (SIIJ) a personal and professional self-growth workshop and consulting firm. She has guest lectured at numerous universities, organizations and companies including New York University, Columbia, Harvard and Yale.

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Speaker Disclosure:
Financial: Judith Chusid is the founder and creator of Success Is An Inside Job®, Inc., The Success Is An Inside Job ® Workshops, and the Inside Job™ approach. She is an author and receives royalties
Non-financial: Judith Chusid has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.

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