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The Anxiety Healer’s Guide for Clinicians

Over 85 Cognitive Behavioral Strategies to Help Anxious Clients Calm the Mind and Body

Alison Seponara, MS, LPC
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Aug 27, 2024
PESI Publishing
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Anxiety looks different for everyone. A personalized approach to treatment is key.

Help clients tackle their anxiety head-on by working with them to create a tailored anxiety toolkit. In The Anxiety Healer’s Guide for Clinicians, you’ll find customizable, holistic interventions that empower clients to actively engage in their own healing process long after they’ve left your office.

Created by one of Instagram’s most followed therapists, @theanxietyhealer Alison Seponara, this comprehensive resource is filled with practical, concrete strategies you can use to help anxious clients create a unique toolkit that works specifically for their needs.

With over 85 worksheets, handouts, and in-session activities inside, clients can choose from:

  • Cognitive behavioral exercises to rewire anxious tendencies
  • Breathing and grounding techniques to calm moments of worry and panic
  • Journaling tools to reframe unhelpful thought patterns
  • Affirmations and mirror work techniques to overcome self-doubt
  • Guided imagery and visualization strategies to distract the anxious mind
  • And more!

By empowering clients to take charge of their anxiety, rather than being passive recipients of treatment, you can help them feel like they are part of a team, and in the driver’s seat, on their path to well-being.




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Alison Seponara, MS, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based positive psychology. Known as @theanxietyhealer on Instagram with a following of over 574K, she is dedicated to ending the stigma of mental health and providing a safe, supportive community free of judgment and bias. Alison is also the host of The Anxiety Chicks podcast, where she uses her therapeutic expertise and her own life experience to educate listeners on anxiety disorders, the mind-body connection, and holistic remedies – and most importantly, how to keep it real when it comes to talking about mental health. Alison is the founder of The Anxiety Healing School, an online curriculum that helps students learn how to combat intrusive thoughts, face fears, and rewire the anxious brain. She is the author of The Anxiety Healer’s Guide. She lives and works in Pennsylvania.


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