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Digital Seminar

The Truth about Minimalist Footwear

Steven Sashen
36 Minutes
Audio and Video
Aug 24, 2023
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Digital Seminar


Discover a simple protocol for helping clients safely use minimalist footwear for rehab, recovery and, if desired, full-time wear. Learn easy-to-communicate, scientifically proven messaging to help with the transition and adherence. And, understand the situations where switching to barefoot-inspired footwear is not necessary or recommended.


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Steven Sashen's Profile

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Steven Sashen and his wife, Lena Phoenix, co-founded the footwear company Xero Shoes, creating "a MOVEMENT movement" which has helped hundreds of thousands of people Live Life Feet First with happy, healthy, strong feet in addictively comfortable footwear built to support natural motion and feeling. Steven is a Masters All-American sprinter -- one of the fastest men over 60 in the country  He and Lena also appeared on Shark Tank, where they turned down a $400,000 offer from Kevin O'Leary.

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  1. Differentiate between minimalist and traditional footwear, identify the key characteristics of minimalist shoes, and explain the scientific principles that underlie the benefits of minimalist footwear. 
  2. Utilize minimalist footwear as a training aid, enhance sensory input, improve posture, and strengthen their foot muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  
  3. Implement a safe and gradual transition techniques for incorporating minimalist shoes into daily routines.


Debunking Common Myths 

  • The misconception that "the barefoot thing is dead" 
  • Addressing concerns about injury risk in minimalist footwear 

Emphasizing the Importance of Form 

  • How footwear impacts form positively or negatively 
  • Understanding the role of footwear in enhancing performance 

The Science Behind Minimalist Footwear 

  • Minimalist vs. Maximalist Shoes 
    • Contrasting approaches to athletic footwear 
    • Recent research on the value of minimalist shoes 
  • Core Principles 
    • Stronger vs. Weaker: The importance of foot strength 
    • Movement vs. Immobility: Encouraging natural movement 
    • Feeling vs. Numbness: Sensory feedback in footwear 
    • Alignment vs. Misalignment: Impact on overall posture 

Understanding Minimalist Footwear 

  • What Makes a Shoe Truly Minimalist? 
    • Differentiating minimalist footwear from traditional shoes 
    • Identifying key characteristics of minimalist shoes 
  • Benefits of Minimalist Footwear 
    • Zero Drop for Improved Posture 
    • Enhancing Sensory Input 
    • Stiff Soles vs. Foot Motion 
    • Muscles, Ligaments, and Tendons in Action 
    • The Energy Loss of Cushioning 

Practical Applications 

  • Using Minimalist Footwear as a Training Aid 
    • Leveraging minimalist shoes for athletic training 
    • Enhancing responsiveness and balance 
  • Building Foot Strength and Reducing Injuries 
    • The role of minimalist footwear in injury prevention 
    • Strengthening muscles, ligaments, and tendons 
  • Transitioning to Natural Footwear 
    • Effective strategies for transitioning to minimalist shoes 
    • Gradual adjustments for safety and comfort 

Practical Implementation 

  • Protocol for Safe Use 
    • A step-by-step guide for clients 
    • Rehab, Recovery, and Full-Time Wear 
  • Communicating the benefits of minimalist footwear 
  • Facilitating a smooth transition 
  • When Barefoot-Inspired Footwear Is Not Recommended 
    • Recognizing situations where minimalist shoes may not be suitable 
    • Exploring alternatives for specific needs 

Target Audience

  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assisstant
  • Athletic Trainer 
  • Podiatrist
  • Chiropractor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach    


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