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When Diets Don't Work: 3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Judith Matz, LCSW, ACSW
2 Hours 03 Minutes
Dec 05, 2019
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Does this describe you:

  • Eating when you are not hungry
  • Feeling caught in a cycle of dieting, overeating, and shame
  • Criticizing your weight– and constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Putting things off until you are “thin enough”
  • Using food for emotional comfort
  • Knowing diets don’t work, but not knowing what to do instead

You don’t have to live this way! Stop spending your time, energy, and money on diets that don’t work and keep you feeling bad about yourself.

Watch Judith Matz, licensed therapist and expert on eating, diets and weight concerns, as she walks you through 3 practical, concrete steps to:

  • Break the shame-based diet cycle for good
  • Experience food as a means of nourishment and pleasure - not anxiety, shame and secrecy
  • End overeating as you learn to tune into hunger and fullness
  • Shift from body shame to body positivity
  • Find new ways to manage feelings without food

You CAN have a healthy, satisfying and peaceful relationship with food that leaves you feeling good about yourself!

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Judith Matz, LCSW, ACSW's Profile

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Judith Matz, LCSW, ACSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 30 years of experience as a therapist, speaker and author. She has dedicated her professional life to helping thousands of people overcome their struggles to make peace with food, their bodies and themselves through counseling, groups, workshops, presentations, and consultation. She is the author of three books related to eating and weight issues: Amazon #1 bestseller The Diet Survivor’s Handbook, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet and Amanda’s Big Dream, a children’s book that helps kids to pursue their dreams – at any size!

A sought-after speaker, Judith offers educational seminars and workshops for health professionals including mental health clinicians, dietitians and physicians throughout the country; she has also been invited to speak at numerous national and international professional conferences. Her work aligns with the Health At Every Size® framework to promote wellness beyond weight and address social justice issues that affect people of all sizes.

She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan and completed a post-graduate fellowship and Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago with a focus on eating disorders. Descriptions of her work have appeared in the media including the New York Times, LA Times, Allure, Fitness, Self, Shape, Today’s Dietitian, Diabetes Self-Management, NBC News Chicago, Huffington Post Live, and she appears in the documentary America The Beautiful 2.

Judith is committed to changing the public conversation about dieting, food and weight with the goal of collectively creating a culture that supports a healthy and satisfying relationship with food and honors the natural diversity of body size. To learn more about Judith and her work, please visit

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3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Step 1 - Practice Attuned Eating

  • What Is attuned eating, and how is it different than the diet mentality?
  • 3 keys of attuned eating:
    • Reconnect with your body’s hunger cues
    • Nourish your body by “making the match.”
    • Honor your body’s signals for fullness
  • Apply attuned eating to different eating styles (vegetarian, health concerns, etc.)
  • How attuned eating helps you identify and meet other needs in your life
  • Understanding emotional eating and developing new coping strategies.

Step 2 - Move from Body Shame to Body Positivity

  • The role of shame – and how to beat it!
  • Strategies to heal body image
    • Self-compassion and the inner critic
    • How the scale affects your self-worth
    • Living in the present instead of putting off goals until you’re “thin enough.”
    • Collecting positive body experiences
  • Strategies to reject diet culture and find support

Step 3 – Embrace A Holistic Approach to Wellness Beyond Weight

  • Understand the relationship between weight and health
  • Practice self-care behaviors for physical and emotional well-being
  • Change the conversation about dieting, food and weight



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