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Zendoway Cubes: Questions, Feelings, Breathing, and Stressed Out Cubes (Set of 4)

Kerry Alison Wekelo
Jan 01, 2020
Zendoway Cubes
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Roll to enhance your day! These soft, colorful cubes provide simple suggestions for Kids and Adults to nourish the mind and body throughout the day. Plus, squeeze for stress release!

Ideal for use in counseling and therapy sessions, classrooms, conversation starters, daily reminders and family fun. The 4-cube set comes in a convenient draw-string bag.

Cube Descriptions
[+] [-] Feelings Cube
A person cycles through many different emotions every day. With such busy schedules, it’s often hard to take on the daunting task of trying to understand ourselves and the way we feel – where do we even begin? This cube guides you as you take a tour through your mind. Keep it on your desk as a reminder to take time for yourself, and finish the statements by taking inventory of your thoughts.

[+] [-] Stressed Out? Cube
This cube was inspired and designed by Kerry’s children. Exactly as its name suggests, this cube is perfect for anytime you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Roll the cube for positive affirmations, activities, and coping strategies.

[+] [-] Breathing Cube
Everyone has days where they feel stressed, upset, angry, or insecure. Although it is normal and healthy to feel this way sometimes, breathing is an easy way to combat these emotions and stop a bad mood from turning into a bad day. By focusing your energy on your breathing instead of what’s stressing you, you’ll get a much-needed mental break that allows you to recharge. This cube demonstrates easy breathing techniques that help you focus on the positives.

[+] [-] Questions Cube
This cube asks us the questions that will help our relationships with ourselves and with others. It asks us what we want to nurture and how we can cultivate what we love most. What will you focus on? What do you need to let go of? What negatives can you change into positives? It helps us face what is holding us back from achieving our goals, and reminds us to keep setting new ones so we may always try our best. This cube has many purposes, but has seen success in relationship counseling.





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