Anabella S

"An amazing presentation and presenter. One of the best from Pesi. A super dynamic and creative presenter. I loved the simple slides that illustrated his points. He did not need to read from slides.He provided a great way to address the main concepts from ACT with interesting examples and cases. I loved it."

Anthony S

"Great training Daniel is a wonderful act instructor."

Lisa M

"Enjoyed the presentation/good use of examples"


"Great! "


"I saw it online. Dr. Moran is a very good lecturer. I supervise students who use ACT techniques so this was helpful."


"Very good presentation, the metaphors and therapeutic experiences enhanced the material, I would recommend this seminar to colleagues"

Marilyn M

"Great use of case studies and metaphors. really enjoyed his teaching style. Should consider preaching in his next career!"

Shoshoni S

"good presenter "

Joanne R

"He did a great job and was so thorough; I really appreciated taking this seminar and how well he explained the approach. I really feel that I can use this approach much more effectively now. Thank you."


" Dr, Moran's presentation was simple, direct and highly stimulating. "