Katherine J

"Very pleased with the entire presentation. Loved listening to the presenter. He was knowledgeable and very informative. I would take future classes presented by him. "

Adrienne G

"Great information! Thank you!"

Tessa P

"I really enjoyed Robert's personal examples and relatable experiences that he shared. "

Kristen N

"Presenter was very engaging and funny . Kept me interested especially with personal stories . "

Kimber D

"Robert Marino was the best presenter online that I have seen. "

Carla G

"fantastic seminar. thank you."

Sarah E

"I was very satisfied with this course. I work at an inpatient psychiatric hospital with adolescents and the information has been extremely helpful. "

Kelley M

"Very good speaker/presenter"

Kristine H

"I really learned a great deal watching this seminar, both professionally and personally."

Barbara M

"Loved it and was able to share with others!"