Nancy J

"Thank you for role modeling respectful and collaborative relationship with the children. I appreciated your attitude of ‘discovery’ to understand the child’s point of view. It was valuable to have exercises that help us understand how the child may perceive an experience. Your work is needed now more than ever."

Ashley C

"This was an extremely helpful webinar both professionally (LPC) and personally as a parent. Due to the use of examples and presentation style, I anticipate that I will retain the information more easily. I have already started to apply information and hope to integrate it well. "

Julie K

"Outstanding Seminar. Very informative and loved the examples Dr. Ehlert used to help her audience process. "

Kimberly S

"I especially liked that she spoke of all disorders with executive functioning weaknesses and did not make it all autism specific. There is much overlap in behaviors and weaknesses in students regardless of their disability label."

Kari M

"Amazing presentation. As an OT in a school, I pride myself in supporting my students in any ways possible and am working to help other team/staff members understand the importance of a child's "just right" challenge, meeting children where they are at when needed and understanding our expectations of certain children may not match their needs. I loved your presentation, examples and material. "

Susan S

"Dr. Ehlert is a clear dynamic and very effective speaker. "


"I loved the training and the trainer. It was validating to the work i'm doing. "

Rachel F

"Really liked examples of cases and real life experience."

Monica B

"I was very impressed with the content of the course. I can’t wait to share what I learned with my coworkers and put new strategies into place in the classroom."

Kimberly A

"As an online participant it would have been nice to be acknowledged as taking part. As an OT I would recommend this course only for beginner level. The presenter was knowledgeable and presented a wealth of information in a short time span. "