Tammy R

"This training motivated me to want to learn more about mindfulness as well to learn more from Jon Kabat-Zinn. Thank you so much for this opportunity! It truly exceeded my expectations!"

Garlene G

"Great connection w audience"

Margaret M

"I totally enjoyed and appreciated the content of this presentation but even more I enjoyed and appreciated the presenter"

Isabel P

"Thank your for your guidance and Support!"

Betty C

"Dr. Kabat-Zinn did a wonderful presentation and I learned some connections about mindfulness that I had not heard before. I appreciate his insight."

Joshua A

"It was a truly wonderful training. I will continue to use mindfulness in my work with clients. I know that it starts with me and I will work towards caring for myself so that I can appropriately care for my clients. "

Melina J

"Great reminder and information on mindfulness and positive impacts of practice."

Stacy E

"Excellent program! "

Barbara S

"Thank you. Excellent!"

Joy W

"Absolutely wonderful - so engaging and present as a speaker"