Justine E

"Learned more in this online seminar than some in-person classes. Jennifer is a great presenter, with clear knowledge."

Michele M

"Jennifer was an excellent presenter. She clearly is very well-trained with a lot of practice and loves what she does. She showed empathy and love for children, especially while at school, and knows how much stress they are under with the ridiculously high academic levels and amount of homework. She was interesting and fun."

Jessica B

"This was an excellent course!"

Jennifer C

"Jennifer was very engaging and easy to understand."

Katherine S

"I loved this seminar, wonderful, valuable, relevant "

Shaayna P

"Presenter and topics were very detailed and informative. "

Kim M

"I really loved this webinar! "

Margaret A

"Great Programming! "

Trina B

"I really enjoyed the program and think that the inclusion of each slide next to the video feed is fantastic! I love being able to follow along easily and not worry about having to print a thick course packet. I really liked that the course was engaging without being intimidating. "

Sandi C

"Excellent presentation and explained the info in a captivating way"