Amy R

"Dr. Wehrenberg presented so gracefully with personality, humor, and such knowledge. I truly enjoyed. listening & learning from her. Thank you so much Dr!!! I would love to listen to any other workshops, lectures, videos she has! She presented research as well as case studies with her own clients. A perfect mix. "

Suzanne F

"Margaret is an excellent lecturer."

Daniel E

"Excellent course!"

Ann H

"Excellent presenter!!! Engaging and knows her s=ubject!!!!"

Vicki P

"The presenter was energetic, informative & I enjoyed the format."

Melanie B

"Brilliant speaker, packed with info and examples"

Jennifer B

"Excellent! Thank you."

Rochelle G

"Excellent course!!!"

Paul D

"Excellent additional training in neuropathology"

Amy E

"This was fantastic! The best in this series. "