Louise N

"Excellent course and really enjoyed the demonstrations "

James W

"Thank you. I was most impressed and will like to continue to study this topic"

Pamela F

"This was an extremely valuable training for me!"

Maurice Keith M

"I love you PESI. Keep up all the good work and excellent course offerings!"

Tanya C

"Wonderful presentation. I use Theraplay daily with my trauma hildren, so at the end when he mentioned the Theraplay Institute, it made my heart happy"

Donyale B

"Awesome training! "

Christilou S

"Excellent. I learned so much, thank you!"

Lillian S

"Amazing conceptualization of trauma. The breakthroughs that can be accomplished and sometimes so quickly is astounding. I absolutely loved it. I just would like to learn more about how to effectively use these techniques."

Laura T

"This was perhaps the most helpful workshop I have attended in my 20 years of practice."