"Really enjoy all the research and information the presenter has given us. Extremely helpful in my practice."

Dallas J

"Definitely becoming a fan of Dr. Barkley!"

Morgan P


Heidi P

"Hands down, the best presentation. Bravo! "

Douglas F

"it is fantastic in this day and age to sit in a wonderful location of my choosing and have access to updated excellently researched information and walk away with that satisfied feeling and awareness that our collective brains are integrating to solve the understanding of the human condition!!! Thank you PESI for making such information available."

Rebecca W

"After watching the presentation, I have a much better understanding on the differences between SCT and ADHD."

Monte I

"Dr. Barkley was very knowledgeable, as he was originator of much of the research involved in discussion."

Catherine V

"Blurred graphics on split screen"


"Learned a great deal about relatively current research finding regarding ADHD "