Jorge D

"Dr. Barkley was very helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. "

Jo B

"Excellent presentation. "

Gregory M

"Dr Barkley consistently delivers excellent trainings. I am always interested in anything he presents"

Mary Lou F

"The course was very thorough and detailed. The notes highlighted all of the major points. It was an honor to hear Dr. Barkley speak, as he is a forerunner in the field."

Andrea R

"Excellent lecture answered many of my questions!"

Joanne S

"excellent and very useful!"

Jennifer G

"I always learn a great deal from Dr. Barkley's presentations. I appreciate how concise he is with the information. I will most definitely choose more of his courses. "

Zachary M

"The course was material was eloquently delivered and Dr. Barkley as always was amazing in his breadth and depth of knowledge on the material."