Elizabeth C

"Throughly enjoyed the session examples!"


"I love that you have adapted so quickly to this 'quarantined' life style, & shown how we can apply the same techniques with some minor adaptations! As people feel that the world is falling apart these last couple weeks, i think its so important to highlight the ways we can adjust to this situation! Maintaining connection with the world outside our homes is becoming especially important. Acknowledging that our work & home life are now intermingled is brilliant, for this webinar & your clients!"

Deena J

"Thank you so much!"

Carey H

"Overall, helpful in understanding Theraplay treatment"

Chaya K

"Thank you for not just teaching information but demonstrating how it looks and feels to engage in Theraplay. "

Felicia H

"very good teacher with great examples and ideas"

Gelly A

"Daphna is an incredible presenter! I loved the course as a refresher and a reaffirmation of everything I believe in with my work with children and families"

Licia R

"This is the best PESI course I have taken. I will begin Theraplay in my outpatient office tomorrow!Thank you!"

Kara R

"Thank you very much. This was a very interesting presentation and it was nice to listen to it on the computer. "