Margaret P

"David Kessler is an extremely effective presenter. "

Shaina F

"Amazing training! Would refer to others. I want more from this presenter because he is very good at what he does. "

Ruth F

"my partner was 'listening' in and found it very 'moving' listening to the addiction video, and understanding he isn't on his own with his son and his addiction problems. Thank you"

Harvey M. W

"Very 'real' professional. His books are excellent resources."

Alyson G

"This is the best grief lecture I have ever seen. Thank you! "

michael T

"easy to navigate!"

Miriam G

"great presenter."

Dionne S

"Very Informative, Thank You!"

Season M

"great job presenting the information. engaging. well planned. meaningful. "

Thomas K

"very skilled presenter in light of a very vocal audience"