Cathleen J

"Kathy Johnson is a great presenter. She is honest about her experience and the impact you can make without over thinking the concepts. Very relatable and usable knowledge."

Rachel R

"This was a very good and useful course. This is material I will use in the future."

Katie N

"It was difficult trying to hear some of the questions that therapists were asking. "

Annette S

"Great information; easy to implement."


"An amazing course! I’m so excited to get busy using this information"

Martha K

"A wonderful class and I am interested in trying these techniques in my practice. "

Dee A

"Excellent presenter, and like her ability to tell stories that related to her ability to work with clients."

Ashley M

"This was a great course with information I have been looking for!"

Suzanna S

"this was a great course!! I am very glad it was offered as a webinar so that I could attend! Thank you!"

Erika D

"Phenomenal presentation! Thank you!"