Sarah M

"Wonderful presenter, very engaging."

Christine F

"Boy, he talks fast! Love his patient stories (made treatments that he uses easier to remember). "


"Presentation was very well organized."

Michelle S

"Dr Henderson was very expressive and explained all therapeutic applications very well. i really enjoyed his sense of humor, and his recall of individual patients. Moreover, I really admire his dedication, and respect of his profession that he does the best for his patients."

Matthew T

"Jonathan was a superb presenter. Loved his energy and ability to present to an audience. He kept me engaged throughout the entire presentation. Thank you for all that you do for your patients and other health care providers with these presentations."

Soliz P

"The course was informative and kept me engaged. The pacing was good and I appreciated some of the beginning review to brush up on neuroanatomy before progressing further into the course."

Haleigh J

"Outstanding speaker. I would recommend him again and would love to take more courses through him"

Clara E

"I really appreciate the way the presenter used his life experience to explain the marterial."