Derek L

"Lane was outstanding as a presenter. He was dynamic and was able to keep my attention even over video!"

Gary S

"This was a great help!"

Kellie K

"Very engaging and knowledgable presenter. Lane made the 2 full day virtual training not only bearable but also relatively enjoyable."

Carley G

"He was an excellent presenter!"

Rituja K

"So much more than I expected. It has made me want to learn more. Thank you!"

Joseph M

"Lane is very intelligent and did an excellent job relaying the material."

Nicole P

"Lane was great and the material was very relevant to my practice. "

Gabrielle C

"It was an excellent program! I'm motivated to continue learning more about this approach and I want to start using the skills and tools of DBT more often with my clients. It was a lot to cover in two short days. I wish we had had more time to dig a bit deeper into some of the skills and the tools. It was nice to be able to do this off site. There were a few glitches with the technology, but the techs were very responsive and solutions focused. "

Nina H

"Great webinar!"

Doreen G

"I really enjoyed the course. I am a nurse manager at an addiction center."