"good mixture of practical application and general theory"

Nancy B

"Good information that can be used in the future. "

Manashi C

"an excellent presentation!"

Marilyn S

"Incredible presentation - extremely well-versed and a very pleasant presentation style. Just all round lovely. Wow is she up on her research!!! "

Deborah H

"I very much enjoyed the content and can use this in my practice."

Olivia B

"This was a very insightful and informative webinar. I would recommend to colleagues and participate in another seminar myself. "

Cathy T

"I enjoyed the mix of "theory" and "practical application". Greatly enhanced my understanding of autism and ADHD."

Katlin B

"Presenter did a great job with presenting the information in an engaging way. She was very knowledgeable. "

Nicole B

"Awesome course "

Stacie R

"Really enjoyed the course, thank you!"