Shoshana B

"This course in my opinion was not appropriate for an online forum because there were too many hands on activities done. Advanced notice should have been given regarding supplies needed in order to participate or the same supplies that were provided to the physical participants of the course should have been mailed out to the online participants prior to the course. I had this with a different course that I took online and it was very helpful (course:How does you engine run)."

Jessica G

"Loved the energy of Tracy Turner-Bumberry which kept you engaged even in the online format. You can tell she has a wealth of knowledge in her specific area of expertise of children with ASD, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder."

Kim P

"Tracy was engaging, knowlegeable, with a remarkable talent of conveying the information in the most useful way possible."

Gina M

"Wonderful presentation. "

Thyra M

"excellent course"