"Absolutely ridiculous that I was required to spend 45 minutes completing a post-training test in order to get my training certificate. "


"course was highly informative and presented valuable, usable information"

Glory D

"good program post test could be reduced take a post test unfair to online users"

Lacey M

"Excellent course! I will be recommending this seminar to other mental health professionals. Great applicable information."

Jeanie W

"This training will impact my practice. Thank you!! Very informative."

Michelle K

"Thank you! Amazing information on nutrition and the effects on mental health. Very much enjoyed!!!"

Jamee K

"Excellent instructor! "

Lynda B

"Wonderful webcast. Presenter was very clear and organized, as well as responsive to audience questions. Material was applicable to personal life and clinical practice!"

Rosalie L

"GREAT seminar!!!!"

Karen H

"This was one of the best seminars I have attended. The material was relavant to my professional as well as personal life. The instructor really knew her stuff!"