Kristin F

"Dr Casey's presentation was excellent!"

Meghan M

"Useful info! Thank you for not just reading the slides"

Margaret F

"Very timely and relevant. Questions addressed as well as possible in limitations of time/situation."

Richard C

"Dr. Casey did a great job presenting the ethics of distance therapy. I will look for his next course on this topis which was promised to be a six-hour long review of distance treatment."

Melinda M

"Terrific presentation and presenter, one of the best I have seen. Will register for more by Dr. Casey!"

Angela S

"Really liked this presenter. Very knowledgeable and has a nice presentation style "


"I’ll be looking for more classes by this instructor to take. He was a very good presenter. "

Patricia M

"I learned a lot!!"


"Learned lots of information and Terry was very knowledgeable and informative."

Carol H

"excellent seminar well done"