Debra T

"This was an exceptional seminar!"

Jamie K

"This was a great training. Will definitely recommend it to my co-workers"

Mercedes K

"She was a really great presenter"

Lorraine H

"Great job, I would definitely take another course with Doc Westendorf ~ she kept things flowing at a great pace and made it interesting"

Robert B

"Melissa's presentation was excellent, with a good mix of didactic and interactive elements. She came across as very knowledgeable and experienced, but also had a relaxed and easygoing presentation style that worked well - not an easy task given that it was an entirely virtual presentation. Very well done!"

Darlene M

"The topic was covered very thoroughly!"

Amanda D

"Great content and presentation!"

Jalieh S

"Melissa Westendorf, JD, PhD, is highly gifted in sharing her expertise, and inviting participatory learning from registrants."

William K

"Dr. Westendorf was excellent presenter, very knowledgeable but very personable and approachable."

Larry W

"I enjoyed the presentation. I thought the presenter gave an excellent balance of "information" and "presentation" with lots of information."