Jace D

"Thank you so much! This was a very useful training!!"

Lynn K

"Presentation was excellent - Stephanie was clear in her points, examples were great and the video a refreshing way to support her techniques."

Valerie W

"excellent presentation"

Cynthia T

"Having worked at the Meadows with the sex addiction group and as a family therapist with partners, it was a refresher on many skills I have learned, as well as a furthering of my knowledge. I enjoyed seeing the sessions and the powerpoint. It made me want to go back to work! Thank you Dr Carnes for all you do and give to the healing of others. I can't wait to read your book! Cynthia M Thompson (I interviewed with you about 10 years ago...)"

Justin I

"Thank you Stefanie. Listening to your presentations is always very moving, helpful and hopeful. :)"

Emily B

"Excellent presentation."

Cynthia L

"Awesome, very enlightening and helpful"

Theresa S

"Excellent presentation!"

Elizabeth L

"really well done presentation"