Beatriz P

"Excellent presentation! Thank you!"

Kristy P

"Very good information that can be implemented at home and with parents and children immediately. Very well done and clearly explained!"

Poppy A

"Excellent. Good at listing other authors/researchers to explore for additional information. "

Cathy J

"Thank you! Was a wonderful and useful training."

Marlene A

"Dr. Bryson was very informative and interesting to listen to."

Laurie R

"very relatable presenter and useful information. immediately applicable."

Lisa S

"Great program"

Lourdes S

"Enjoyed it very much!!"

Yvette N

"Loved it! Easy to understand how to apply the techniques! Loved the examples! Thank you!"

Emily I

"Wonderful program! I learned so much and it was presented in a way that was easy to follow and understand. "