Marion P

"great presentation!! This was so informative! Thank you!"

Alnetta H

"This was one of the best webinars that I have participated in! Very timely material."

Latisha G

"This was one of the best CEU's on racism that I've had during my career. I recommended that my colleagues look into getting the DVD when it is available and sent them the link for the DVD recording. It would be great to have additional dates for this material. It will be a great resource for all clinicians!"

Kimberly D

"Awesome presentation."

Marjorie C

"Instructor was wonderful. Her pacing was very good: she didn’t try to cram 12 hours worth of material into 3 hours, she was clear, knowledgeable and understandable. This is a challenging subject and she made it very interesting. I will look for her classes in the future"

LaSaundra G

"Great seminar and presenter!"