Sarah P

"Great course. Fantastic presenter."

Kate H

"What a fantastic presentation. Thank you! "

Kathryn L

"Very easy to access and was a high quality seminar. Thank you Dr. N!!! :)"

Mary K

"I've taken many continuing education courses in my 30 years as a psychologist and this is probably, overall, the best I have ever taken."

Debra T

"This was an excellent presentation. I learned so much!"

Kathleen M

"I found this presentation excellent and extremely useful both in my personal experience of insomnia and potentially with my clients."

Anna M

"I am very impressed with this seminar and grateful I took it. This will change how I treat clients and hopefully I can share this knowledge with my colleagues."

Carla C

"Excellent webcast! I learned so much and will highly recommend this presenter to my colleagues. I plan to focus on sleep therapy/ CBT-I in my private practice and the webcast helped me get more excited about this specialty. "