Sonny K

"excellent presentation!"

Christine O

"I appreciated Mr. McCarthy's use of real clinical examples and his being active in the field, current. Thank you."

Gary F

"I was very impressed with Dr. McCarthy's adherence to the schedule. I learned a lot. I would have liked more specific instruction on individual sexual dysfunction issues. "

Crystal S

"Fantastic content and lecturer!"

Marci D

"I thought it contained great information. I learned a lot! "

Molly J

"Wonderful seminar. Looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you! "

Angela W

"Great speaker!"

Beth T

"It was amazingly informative! I was never disengaged. The speaker was a great presenter and kept things on track. I wish it had been a two day workshop and we could have spent more time on the afternoon content. "

June G

"very interesting many tools given as well as a process to think about when dealing with sexual issues with couples. Good bibliography"

Toni Y

"Great facilitator! I would attend another course given by him."