Sharon S

"Great Course, great examples. As an MFT, I can be more supportive of clients with aging, dementia family members and give additional insight into management of the person with dementia."

Erika S

"Great program that I really enjoyed! Teepa presents with such energy and does a wonderful job depicting patients and offering tips for support! "

Erin Y

"The presenter was so very dynamic. "

Heidi P

"This seminar was full of priceless tidbits for working with people. It would have been helpful for me to be taking it with someone else because of the amount of hands on and group work."

Janet J

"Excellent presentation"

Kim M

"Great CEU with vital information pertaining to my field of work."

Marsha M M

"I loved your use of movement, rhythm, and client centered focus! What a gift you are as a creative clinician. I have a degree in dance/movement therapy and use it in my social work practice as well. And...I love to make up songs so really appreciated your creativity! Plan to check out your website for more gems of which YOU are the main one!!!!!"