Jamie C

"This presenter was outstanding! i GOT SO MUCH OUT OF IT! My PhD is in Special Education and I regret that I was unfamiliar with most of the information before I took the course. He is fabulous! I highly recommend this seminar. "

Maria C

"Great course, viewed it on line. Enjoyed it & sparked my interest in Developmental Optometry! My background is Pediatric OT and I have always enjoyed working with vision/visual perceptual issues, etc. I have been in Pedi Rehab management for the last 15 plus years (so not direct patient care) but continue to be intrigued by this topic. "

Lesa G

"Excellent presentation. He kept my attention and for an online, almost 6 hour course, that's excellent."

Kayleigh T

"The seminar was great. Wish it was easier to hear comments from people in crowd"

Susan B

"I found the information very helpful and appreciated how he connected vision problems with autism and ADHD"

Jennifer W

"Excellent course which was very user friendly. "

Kate S

"I learned so much and was able to use the concepts and techniques in practice - great course!"

Julie S

"thoroughly enjoyed the course and info!"

Jessica J

"I HIGHLY recommend this course for all OTs!! "

Dryden R

"I learned more than I do at many conferences. Thank you."