Jeannette D

"The instructor Susan Hamre is a good speaker. She keeps everyone interested in what she has to say. This is my second course with her. I like her. "

Jeanette S

"very interesting. Speaker was very engaging!"

Alexander Tu N

"Very knowledgeable lecturer"

Mikelle S

"excellent presentation!!!!"

Katiane C

"This presenter was amazing! Very engaging and personable! "

Lisa M

"Susan is an excellent speaker. She was very engaging and provided interesteing and relevant stories. I learned a lot and enjoyed this course."

Amber H

"The speaker was very knowledgeable and gave examples pertinent to understanding the information greatly! fantastic speaker!"

Lynn M

"Presenter had a good knowledge base and she presented relevant and usable material."

Danielle S

"Excellent presentation. I learned a great deal about autism."

Rowena H

"Good Review of the topic."